How would it feel to be in control of your life again?

I'm here to help busy women Reclaim their Power so they can Live their Best Lives!


Dear Busy Goddess,

Is this you?

  • You're feeling tired and drained.
  • You want to focus on your self-care, but just can't find the time.
  • You're fed up with feeling like your life has no direction.
  • You crave a supportive network of like-minded women to help you find balance.

If this sounds like you then you're in the right place!

I'm here to help and support you on your journey to living your best life!

That's what the Journey of Rediscovery program is all about!

What happens during your "Journey of Rediscovery"

Define Your Struggles

Knowing what's holding you back will help you make the changes you need to get to where you want. 

Decide What You Want

Create a vision of what you want for yourself so you can begin living your best life. 

Design Your Journey

Rediscover yourself as you create your unique Goddess Wellness plan for your life.


Hi! I'm Marie-France!

I'm a Life Coach, here to help you reclaim your power and live your best life!

It’s time for us as busy women to reclaim our lives and I have made it my personal mission to support and guide you on this important, and very necessary, journey of rediscovery!

As a Certified Lifebook Leader, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Professional Organizer, I have the tools to help you get from feeling overwhelmed to living your best life!

Just imagine what your world would look like if you felt empowered enough to live the life of your dreams! The effects on you and the people you love would be incredible!


Know what you struggle with so you can move forward!

Defining what you struggle with is an important first step to living your best life.

Some of these might be hard to face, but know that when you do and decide to do something about it, your life will change for the better!


What would you do if you could focus more on YOU?

  • Take up that hobby you've been putting off for so long.
  • Take a trip to visit a childhood friend you haven't seen in years.
  • Feeling energized instead of drained when spending quality time with your family.
  • Not falling asleep during date night with your love.
  • Spend more time recharging your batteries, without the guilt.

What can this program REALLY do for YOU?

The Journey of Rediscovery program encompasses all aspects required to help you become your best self.

It focuses on YOU as a woman, not as a wife, mom, employee, friend, or whatever labels have been attached to you over the years. You’ll do a deep dive into your core and make the changes you need to become your best self, creating positive changes for you as a person and, ultimately, for those around you.


Journey of Rediscovery is not an information program;
It's an IMPLEMENTATION program.

If you're willing to do the work, then you'll...

Gain Clarity

Get clear on what you need in order to live your best life. With clarity, you'll be more present for yourself and those you love!

Get More Self-Care

Design a self-care plan that will give you balance between what you need to do for others and what you need to do for YOU!

Own Your Time

As you design your personalized Goddess Wellness plan, you'll again feel in control of your time and your sanity.


A Word of Caution!

This program is expensive. I will guide you every step of the way as you define your greatest goals, improve your health through better nutrition and exercise, take time for inner reflection + breathing, and look after your self-care needs.

I will help you navigate through each step of the process all while you continue to care and nurture your most important relationships.


How different will your life feel in 12 weeks? 

Imagine how your life could change in the next 90 days as you design your ideal life.

Will you...

  • feel more in control of your time?
  • have more time to spend doing the things you love?
  • feel more energized as you spend time with your family?
  • feel better in your body as you bring awareness to how you manage your health?

It's your time to reclaim your power!

Apply now for Journey of Rediscovery and design + live your best life!

You're worth it!