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All the tools you need in one place!


The Life Design Library includes these free tools:

  • "Your Guide to Transforming Your Life" ebook ~ get 60 tips to start designing your best life.
  • Self-Care Rituals worksheet ~ make self-care an intentional part of your routine.
  • Routines Round-Up worksheet ~ 5 different routine ideas to help you design your best life.
  • Creative Retreat Planner ~ plan your own creative retreat with these 5 easy steps.
  • Fall Goals Reset worksheet - fall-themed goal planner worksheet so you can finish the year off strong.
  • Movie Tracker printable ~ a fun way to track your movies in your planner.
  • Reading Tracker printable - track all your books with this planner insert.
  • Budget Planner Cover printable -  complete your printed budget planner with this decorative cover.
  • Gratitude Journal - includes a Daily Gratitude page and 30 Days of Gratitude page.
  • 28 Days of Gratitude Challenge - a calendar-style printable to help make gratitude a part of your daily routine.
  • Springtime-themed Ephemera tags - Print these ephemera tags for use in your art projects.


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