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Getting Organized With Notion

organize your life organizing May 31, 2022

My paper planner is an integral part of my system, but it's good to have a digital aspect as well. This is why I love getting organized with Notion.

As much as I love using journals and paper planners to keep me organized, there's something to be said about using a digital platform as part of your system as well. Both can work beautifully together.

My Notion system is broken down into 4 main sections:

  1. My Life Journey
  2. My Business
  3. Reference
  4. Archive


1) My life journey

The "My Life Journey" section of my Notion hub is my main dashboard. This is where I keep aa digital version of my Lifebook, with a page for each of my life categories. This dashboard is where all the important links I need live, in some form or another. This includes my goals which are at the top of the page.

Notion makes it super easy to create relationships between different aspects of your information. For instance, the first two foundational goals you see on the image above link directly to those areas in my Notion hub. Same goes for the sections I have listed to the left of my Lifebook pages.

If you want to take a look inside, check out this post - A Peek Inside My Lifebook.


2) My business

This space includes all things business related. From blog post ideas to my standard operating procedures (or SOPs) to my marketing plan. It's all here....or at least on it's way there.

This area changes constantly as I add new things to it and restructure others for maximum efficiency.

The main page is categorized so that I can easily find information on different aspects of my business. Here you'll find a small section, listing some of the information I keep in Notion for my business.

When I click on any of these, it takes me to a much more detailed section of my business. Some might be well developed while others are still very much in the early stages of providing the information I want and need.

This is the perfect way to keep on top of all the moving parts of my business and makes it easy for me to reference different kinds of information.


3) Reference

The Reference section is where everything else lives! This is an extensive list that holds anything and everything that I need. Whether it's for our home, finances, goals or personal projects, this area contains a lot of information.

Here are a few of my favourite sections:


This area includes a list of books I want to read, have read and the urgency I've placed on them. I don't keep a list of all the books on my list here. This is mostly for self-development books. But, you never know. It might grow to be something bigger someday!

Here you'll find my Reading list in board layout, sorted by priority.

Chicken raising

When Covid hit in 2020 and I was working from home (and gratefully still am!) I was able to start raising our own meat chickens. By having a place to track the details of this venture, I can learn from my experience by keeping good notes and to make sure that I keep doing what works.

Craft supplies

I have a lot of art + craft supplies and Notion is a great place to track what I have. It's easy to reference it on my phone if I'm out and am looking to see if I have a particular item at home before I buy another one. As much as I think I can remember all the supplies I own, I really don't.

What I like to track here is the item description, category, manufacturer, and size. I also take a photo of the item for reference.

This is definitely a section that will keep growing! Now if only I had a bigger art studio to keep more supplies in...

4) Archive

The name says it all! If I'm not quite ready to let go of some information but it's no longer serving me at the moment, I move them into my Archive section.


What I love about Notion

I've been using Notion for a couple of years now and I love that it is so versatile. I'm able to keep information in many different formats and can easily link different areas within Notion.

I love that I can view my information in different ways. For instance, if I have a section with cover images, I can view this in Gallery view. I love the look of my Reading list this way.

Board view is very practical as well if you want to view items based on a particular criteria. I find this view very useful for my blog posts so I can see what's coming up on my editorial calendar, what's in draft mode and what's been published.

Notion has many options and can be adapted to anyone's needs and wants.


What system do you use?

What kind of system do you use to track + store all the bits of information from your life? Do you have a preferred way of staying organized?

Send me an email at [email protected] and let's me know! I'd love to hear from you!


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