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Designing Routines That Work For You

plan your life routines Jul 26, 2022

When it comes to routines, there are many different options out there. From morning to evening routines to different business routines. And let's not forget all those home-based rituals as well, like meal planning and household chores.

It's easy to get caught up in all of this and get overwhelmed. Once our routines are in place, however, they should help to relieve overwhelm + stress. And if they are designed properly, they should make you more productive. 

Routines, such as our morning + evening routines, we've probably done automatically for years, but if you haven't been intentional about what that looks like, it may not be serving you in the best way.

You might want to consider structuring these in a way that helps you achieve greater things or be more productive. Take for instance your morning routine. You might roll out of bed as late as you can, then rush through getting showered and dressed, grabbing a coffee and (maybe) some sort of breakfast. Getting the kids up and ready for school, then heading off to work, getting yourself there without a moment to spare.

I don't know about you, but that does not sound like a great way to start the day. What if instead, you chose a routine that was more intentional and would start your day off in a way that makes the rest of your day go with greater ease? Now that sounds like a plan!


Types of routines

The types of routines you can have are endless. Depending on your lifestyle, work and home situations, your routines will be unique to you. 

I believe it's important to set up routines that will help you maximize your time + energy and keep you feeling productive.

Here's a run down of some of the most basic routines you can have.

  • Morning
  • Evening
  • Self-care
  • Skin care
  • Planning - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly
  • Kids' bedtime
  • Household chores
  • Meal planning
  • Financial
  • Vacation prep
  • Gratitude


Designing your routines

It's important to design routines that work for your personality + lifestyle. A quick Google search can have you overwhelmed with possibilities, but can also help you get started with some great ideas.

If you want to improve on a current routine, start by writing down what it looks like right now. Think about how you want to improve on it and make adjustments accordingly. 

For example, going back to our morning routine example, to improve on the current situation, you might want to add getting up earlier, having a glass of water and doing a meditation and/or exercise, 

If you're starting from scratch, you can find lots of inspiration online to get you started. Pinterest is one of my favourite places for this!


Some ideas for you

I got a little creative recently and made a free download for you, with 5 of my favourite routines. It's a fun visual that I hope inspires you to create routines that work for you.

This download is available as part of the free Life Design Library, where you'll find other great downloads designed just for you!

You can get access to the Library HERE!



What are your favourite routines?

What routines do you have that you can't live without? Got any other ideas of routines you'd like to see me create visuals for? Let me know by emailing me at [email protected] or leave a comment below! I'd love to hear from you.

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