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A Space to Create

design your life space Apr 11, 2023

Last year, I wrote about creating your self-care space. But what about having a space to create? A space where you can keep all your favourite supplies and work on whatever project you feel inspired to work on.

One of my favourite places is my art studio. It allows me to escape and be among all of my favourite things, doing something I love.

Is this something you'd like to have for yourself? Then let's take a look at some of the things you might consider as you create your ideal space.


1) A room of your own

Ideally, we all want that perfect room with the perfect lighting and perfect storage. If you're able to spare a room in your home dedicated to your creative space, then you're one step closer to this ideal scenario.

But having a dedicated room is not possible for everyone. And if that's the case for you, I'd invite you to consider converting a closet into your creative space.

Wait, what? Yep, you read that right. If you were to clear out a closet, put in it a small desk or folding table, and as much storage as you can, you would have the perfect little nook for creating.

And unless you have a good light in there, you'll want to consider getting yourself a good lamp as well.


2) A desk or table

This may seem rather obvious, but I have seen many people (myself included) use their kitchen table as their space to work on their projects. Although that can work, there are other choices you might want to consider.

I realize that this is all that might be available for some, but I invite you to think outside the box a little bit. Maybe a small folding card table might work for your needs. Something that you can stash away in a corner or closet when it's not being used.

This way, you don't have to move your project out of the way when it's dinner time.

And if you're able to spare an entire room, make sure to invest in a large enough table to spread out your projects. You'll be glad you did!


2) A rolling cart

One of my favourite things in my creative space is my rolling craft cart. You can find them in local craft stores or on Amazon. I got my 3-tier cart from Michaels and I love it! 

There are endless ways you can use these, but if your space is limited, this is the perfect place to hold all of your basic supplies and your current project. 

Since I'm in a junk journal creation phase at the moment, mine holds mostly papers right now. I use a variety of baskets to separate these in a way that makes sense to me.

You can also get accessories for these carts, but I haven't fallen down that rabbit hole yet. The best thing to do is use your cart for a while and see if any of these add-ons could prove useful.


But whether your creative space is a beautiful large room with all you need or a plastic bin filled with your favourite supplies, the truly important part is that you create!  

Don't let having the perfect space stop you from following your passion to create. Make space with the resources you have now and change things as you're able to.

What does your creative space look like? Please leave a comment and let me know. 


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