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7 Doubts You Might Have About Starting a Planning System

plan your life planning Nov 29, 2022

You have doubts. I get it. There’s that little voice in your head that creeps in, trying to discourage you from trying something new. Because, let’s face it, stepping out of your comfort zone, no matter what you are stepping out for, can be a little scary and a little bit overwhelming. 

You ask yourself things like - What if I don’t like it? What if it doesn't work out? What if I fail? What if I succeed?

Or you tell yourself - I don’t have time for this. It’s too much work to get started. I don’t want to spend the money on a planning system.

I think it’s time to look at this differently. 

Starting something new and different can be exciting. It can be fun. It can turn into a new love, a new hobby, a new passion. And, it doesn’t have to be a lot of work or break the bank. 

So let’s start by eliminating your fears and doubts, shall we?


1) What if I don’t like it?

Well, if you try something, anything, and it turns out that you don’t like it, know that it’s the only way you will ever know this. By trying. 

This is also true of planning. There are many ways to plan and different things work for different people. So if you find that it’s not for you, then at least you will know this and you can get on with your life. 

You might find that a certain method doesn’t work for you, so you try something else. Just don’t take things too seriously. Have fun with the process!


2) What if it doesn’t work out?

Again, with all the different methods and ways of planning, if one way doesn’t work out for you, don’t be afraid to try something else. Discovering what works for you and trying different things is the fun part.

There are as many ways of planning as there are people. The trick is to discover what works for you. Take your time with it and enjoy the process. 


3) What if I fail?

Failing is just a part of life. It’s how we learn and discover ways to do things that we weren’t even aware of before. Sometimes the greatest discoveries come from failure, so I challenge you to fail!  


4) What if I succeed?

Success sometimes can be just as scary as failure. When it comes to planning, being successful might mean that you are utilizing your time more efficiently and getting more done. 

And becoming more efficient could mean that you now have time to follow a dream you’ve been putting off, and that could be the scary part for you. 

Let this process become a way to find out more about yourself and the dreams you want to reach.


5) I don’t have time for this

Starting a planning system can be time consuming if you decide to go ALL in all at once. It can also be a simple process that may take you longer, but becomes much more manageable if you break it down into baby steps. 

Planning is something that if you put work into it in the beginning, it will save you time later. It will allow you to become a better time manager and with a proper system in place, your time will be better utilized, making you much more productive.

Remember that it is a constant work in progress and it might take some time to develop the system that is perfect for you. But trust me when I say that the time you spend developing your system will be so worth it!


6) It’s too much work to get started

Starting and maintaining a planning system can be as little or as much work as you want it to be. It depends on what you want your system to do for you. If you don’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to it, start small. It can be something as simple as a journal with a to do list.


7) I don’t want to spend the money on a planning system

It’s easy to get caught up with what others are doing. It’s really easy to fall down the rabbit hole of pretty planners and journals and all the accessories that go with them. But, until you find what works for you, start simple. 

A cheap notebook and a pen is all you need to get started. With just those two things, you can begin your system and find out what works for you. 

As time progresses and your system develops, you might want to use a better notebook or add different accessories to your planning kit, such as washi tape or markers. But don’t rush into those things just yet. Wait it out and see what will work for you. Then you can invest in the tools you need and those you will actually use.


Ready to take your planning to another level?

Doing some basic planning is a great way to start. But planning can be even more powerful when you have your life vision mapped out and know in what direction you want your life to go.

This is where the Lifebook Premium program can make a great impact on your life and how you live every single day.

The next session starts in January 2023! If this is something that interests you, I invite you to book your Discovery Call with me to find out if it's a right fit for you.

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