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50 Things in 2022

live your life Jan 03, 2023

Can you believe another year has gone by? Crazy how time flies, even more quickly the older I get it seems. 

With 2022 behind us and a new year ahead, I thought I would do another yearly list of things I accomplished, celebrated, and experienced this year. Last year I did a list of 100 things, but this year, my list turned out to be just 50 things. 

Oh well! Maybe I just didn't recognize some of the smaller things, or maybe some of my big things took up a lot of my time. Either way, it is what it is.

So, let's dive in, shall we? Here's my list of 50 things in 2022. Enjoy!

1. Was part of the Life Editor Academy mastermind group.

2. Held my first round of the Lifebook Premium Program.

3. Created my first product - Ultimate Goals Workbook.

4. Published 55 blog posts.

5. Sent out 66 weekly newsletters.

6. Grew my email list to 46 subscribers.

7. Celebrated Chelsey's grade 12 prom + graduation.


8. Took 3 of our kids to the Magnetic Hill zoo.

9. Took 3 of our kids to Magic Mountain.

10. Painted 2 of the kids' bedrooms.

11. Joined Goodbye 9-to-5, which was fundamental in growing my business and my confidence.

12. Survived Hurricane Fiona.


13. Was a guest on my first podcast, Choose Motivation with Crystal Sharp (not yet published).

14. Made my second podcast appearance on Think Ultimate with Hammad Khan (not yet published).

15. Austyn did her first horse show.


16. Went on my annual Warrior Women retreat.

17. Learned how to make glue books.


18. Planted a garden, which unfortunately did not grow as well as we'd hoped.

19. Raised a batch of meat chickens.

20. Made my own planner stickers using the Cricut I got for Christmas 2021.

21. Made numerous decal projects with my Cricut.

22. Watched Encanto...several times.

23. Listened to the Encanto soundtrack on repeat.

24. Also listened to Niall Horan on repeat.

25. Fraser and I rewatched the entire Game of Thrones series.

26. Fraser and I started watching the Stargate Series (first time for him) and so far we’ve watched 6 seasons of Stargate SG-1.

27. Replaced our old oil furnace with a propane furnace.

28. Got our roof re-shingled.


29. Read 10 books...and still have half a dozen on the go! Sad, I know!

30. Gareth got a hamster and named him Storm. 

31. As of December 31, I was on a 304-day streak on Duolingo.

32. Got an Ōura ring for Christmas and the nerdy part of me can't wait for the stats! 

33. Did a 21-day video challenge.

34. Put in place a new budgeting system that is working out well so far.

35. Went to a Santa Claus parade.

36. Took 2 of our kids to a couple of skateparks in Moncton.


37. Took all 4 kids to a haunted mansion during Halloween season.

38. Had an online Pampered Chef party.

39. Started growing some avocado plants.

40. Fraser and I went for a walk around Robinsons Island, about a month before Hurricane Fiona hit.


41. Tried archery, which I hadn't done since high school.

42. Went to the Dundas Agricultural Fair where Chelsey took part in Queen of the Furrows pageant, being crowned Miss Plowing.


43. Visited our brand new library.

44. Fraser and I took 2 of the kids to see Paws of Fury at the theatre.

45. Took 2 of our kids to Canada Day celebrations.

46. Went for a manicure with Chelsey, which I had not done in years.

47. Enjoyed the sightings of a mama fox with her 4 babies on our property.


48. Painted both of our decks.

49. Took a couple of the kids to the trampoline park.

50. Had to homeschool a couple of times this year (thanks Covid!).


That's it! I hope you enjoyed this list.

I'd love to know from you - what were some of your "things" this year? Please share in the comments. I'd love to know what they are!

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