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5 Ways to Bring More Gratitude Into Your Day

gratitude live your life Jun 28, 2022


It is such an important word and our days should be filled with it in some way. But when you're busy, it's easy to forget to just stop for a moment and feel grateful for this moment. 

Our days are filled with busyness and people pulling and pushing us in a dozen different directions. 

We feel like we barely have time to breathe, let alone have time to take a quiet moment of gratitude. 

And even when we do have that small sliver of time, we rarely spend it with clearing our minds and noticing all the wonderfulness that surrounds us. 

But, trust me when I say that when you begin to notice those things, no matter how small, you will see your day differently and your mind will be much clearer and happier. 

There are lots of ways to show and feel gratitude. If you need a little inspiration, here are some ideas to help you bring more gratitude into your day.


1) Keep a gratitude journal

Take 5 minutes each night to write down things that you are grateful for from your day. It can be one small thing or 10 big things. It doesn't matter. Do whatever feels right.

It will leave you feeling good and allow you to focus on the positive things that happened during the day. 

You won’t be drifting off to sleep with thoughts of worry or negativity on your mind.


2) Showing gratitude in your planner

Why not dedicate some space in your planner to your gratitude practice? You can do this by having a monthly gratitude page where you write down or doodle something that you are grateful for from your day.

Or, do this on your daily pages, if you have the space. Do it in whatever way feel good to you. Have fun with it and get creative!

It’s fun to look back later and see your planner filled with so much love and positivity!


3) Wake up with a feeling of gratitude

When you wake up in the morning, and before your feet hit the floor, do a mental check of all that you are grateful for. 

It could be as simple as waking up to another day filled with great opportunities and new adventures. 

It could be waking up beside the love of your life, having a roof over your head, food in your kitchen, or a job to go to.


4) Find the good in all situations

Sometimes it can be hard, but when you’re stuck in a bad situation, whether at home or at work, try to find the good in that situation and be grateful for that. 

If that is difficult, because we all know that there can be some pretty crappy situations, just think of something you are grateful for, like your family, friends or your favourite quiet place. Or having another cup of coffee!


5) Show gratitude towards others

Spread the love of gratitude by telling others what you are grateful about. 

Tell your kids you’re grateful they picked up their toys at home. Tell hubby you are grateful for his love. People appreciate hearing these things and it will make you feel good to share. 

Whatever way you decide to show and feel gratitude, make it a daily practice. You’ll begin to see things change in a positive way. You’ll feel spiritually lighter and more of the good stuff will come your way!


How will you show gratitude today? Email me at [email protected] and share. I'd love to hear from you!

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