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4 Ways to Take Care of You During the Holidays

live your life self-care Dec 06, 2022

It's that time of year again when we're getting geared up for another busy, and possibly, stressful season. It's easy to let this time of year overwhelm us! There's so much to do. From getting that perfect gift for the special people in our lives, to making the most delicious holiday meal. It can get stressful for sure!

But as you decorate your home and put your most precious ornaments on the tree, don't forget to take some time to breathe! This time of year can be super busy for many of us, but we should take a moment to take care of ourselves and enjoy this special time of year. 


1) Gather the troops

Remember that you don't have to do it all yourself. Things like decorating your home or preparing Christmas dinner can be fun, and memorable, family events. Rather than trying to do it all yourself, put on some Christmas tunes, make a special holiday hot chocolate, and get your family involved in the process.

This will help take some of the stress off of you and you'll be making wonderful memories in the process.


2) Let things be perfectly imperfect

When we get ready for the holidays, it's easy to want things to be perfect. Wanting the ornaments placed just so on the tree, or the decorations in the perfect place. But try not to stress over the little things. Simply relax and let things unfold imperfectly. 

Sit back with your coffee as you watch the kids imperfectly decorate the tree. Let go of the need to control. Let these moments be beautiful memories that you and your family will treasure for years to come!


3) Take a day (or two) for yourself

Wether you decide to take yourself out on a solo date, or send everyone off to do some holiday shopping, take some time just for you!

Spend this time relaxing while doing a favourite activity. Don't let yourself be tempted to take care of those dirty dishes or piles of laundry. Just be with yourself and relax!


4) Take some time to just be

Among the chaos that is sure to happen in the next few weeks, take a few moments here and there and just be. It's okay to go hide in your bedroom for a few moments, away from the busyness of the season. Take some deep breaths and ground yourself. 


Enjoy this time of year, because before you know it, it'll all be over and you'll be wondering where the time went. Enjoy every special moment and memory you and your loved ones create. And don't forget to take lots of pictures so you can look back happily on this time!

 What will you do this season to look after yourself and your energy? Please share in the comments!

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