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4 Reasons To Get Creative

creativity live your life Feb 21, 2023

How's your creativity been lately? Have you let life get in the way of that side of yourself and you're just not making the time to do those creative things you love?

If you don't think of yourself as the creative type, there are things you can do to develop your creative side

Getting creative has a lot of great benefits, even if you only get to do it for a few minutes each day. And these can be great reasons for you to take up that new hobby you’ve been wanting to try, or revisit an old one you’ve long forgotten about.


1) Stress relief

Losing yourself in your hobby has the wonderful ability to make you forget about the stresses in your life right now. It gives you the ability to get focused on something, making your troubles disappear at that very moment. 

You become more relaxed and can sometimes find yourself going into a kind of meditative state. There is nothing quite like it as you live in the moment, fully and completely. 


2) Personal + cheap therapy

Being creative is like your personal therapy. Doing something you enjoy will allow you to get lost in the moment and come out the other side feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Gardening was my therapy for many years, and I still love it. I used to spend entire days in my gardens! It would feel like I was in a trance and creative thoughts would flow like water. I would get my best ideas while gardening and it was such a great feeling! 


3) Developing a new skill

If there isn't something specific on your list, don't be afraid to go looking for something new. Maybe something you’ve never even heard of before. 

Talk to your friends and see what they do to get their creative juices flowing. Give something a try. Anything. Just get out there and do something for yourself and notice how you feel.

If you don’t like it, pick something else. The possibilities are endless!


4) Passion + personal growth

I feel it's important that we all have something that will help us grow. Something we love to do and just get out there and do it. It could be so many things. Baking or cooking, painting, writing, gardening, drawing. Maybe it's caring for animals or riding horses. 

Whatever your "thing" is, make time for it in your life. 

Make it part of your self-care routine. Put it on your calendar. Whatever it is you need to do. 

It only has to be for a few minutes, if that’s all the time you have. And if you’re lucky enough to snatch up a nice chunk of time to get creative, take it! The dirty dishes aren’t going anywhere (unfortunately…)


What creative hobby have you been wanting to try or get back to? Share in the comments! I'd love to hear your ideas.

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