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4 Ideas To Keep You Organized On The Go

organize your life organizing Jul 12, 2022

Staying productive can be really challenging sometimes. As much as you would love to take your planner everywhere with you, it’s not always practical. 

And although your planner might be the ideal size for you when using it at home or at work, it might feel just a tad oversized when you’re out and about. 

And using one small planner for every day might seem like a great idea, but for some it might lack the space you need to keep all your lists and plans.

Today, I want to share some tips with you on how you can stay on top of things when taking your everyday planner with you just isn’t practical.  


1) Use your notes app

If you’re like most people these days, your smartphone goes with you everywhere. It’s often much easier to have it with you then your planner. If that’s you, then make sure to make the most of its features, like a notes app. 

You can use this app to jot down ideas and reminders for yourself while on the go. Use it to keep a running list of thoughts that come up. Then, make transferring its contents a part of your regular planning routine.


2) Use your electronic calendar

Using your electronic calendar, such as Google calendar, is a perfect way to keep track of upcoming appointments and events. It’s also the perfect extension of your brain when it comes to booking appointments while you’re on the go.

Keep everyone’s schedule with you by creating a separate calendar for each member of your family. If they are old enough, make sure they have access to their calendar so they can add things if needed. This way, you’ll always be on top of everyone’s schedule and will avoid double booking.


3) Have a smaller “on the go” planner

This small planner is not meant to be an exact replica of your main planner. This planner is meant to be used in conjunction with your main planner. This is great if you prefer good old fashion paper and pen, even when you’re on the go. Keep this planner in your purse to house schedules, notes and things like shopping and wish lists. 

You can also keep coupons, flyer clippings, and even a copy of your week’s meal plan. It’s also a great way to have with you a list of gift ideas for holidays and birthdays. Because you never know when you might come across a great sale!

4) Keep a small notebook with you

An alternative to a smaIl planner would be to keep a small, simple notebook. Sometimes it’s nicer to actually write things down then to use your phone. So carry with you a small and make it a habit to review it when doing your daily planning. 

This notebook can be used to track ideas, to dos, reminders to other members of your family, or things to add to your shopping or wish list.

Keeping your schedule and life organized on the go doesn’t have to be complicated. Decide for yourself what you prefer - paper or digital - and go from there. You might even want to try out different methods and ideas to see what works best for you.

If you’re like me and love the feel of pen to paper, you might want to carry a cute notebook with you. But sometimes, it’s just so much easier to just take out your phone to jot down thoughts and ideas.

Whatever you decide, don’t feel like you have to stick to just one idea. No planning system is ever perfect, or permanent. Just have fun with it and do whatever feels more productive and efficient for you and your lifestyle.


What other ideas do you have for keeping organized on the go? Email me at [email protected] and share. I always love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


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