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3 Benefits of Spending Time With Others

community live your life relationships Nov 01, 2022

Last week, I wrote about 3 benefits of alone time. And although my personality tends to lean more towards that, I thought I would share 3 benefits of spending time with others.

As humans, we are social beings and need to interact with others at some point. As much as some of us like our alone time, we would not survive solely on that. 

There's a balance. And although we all have our preference, we DO need some of both in our lives.

So let's take a look at 3 benefits of spending time with others.


1) Recharge your batteries

You may notice that this was on my list last week as well. So how can it be on both? Is it alone time or group time that recharges our batteries?

The way I see it, depending on your personality, you may feel like your batteries are recharged more when you are surrounded by other people. 

This is why some people love throwing parties or having get-togethers. They thrive on social time!

So if this is you, then make sure you spend time around others on a regular basis. 


2) Get ideas on large projects

If you're working on a large project, whether it's at your day job or for yourself, collaborating with others on some projects can be helpful to get ideas and some help with pieces of the project. 

If you're a solopreneur (like me!) you might be working on building your own business, but having a mastermind group or an accountability partner can be extremely useful to your growth.

You'll be able to get different perspectives on what you're creating and others might see things you don't, because when you're in the middle of it, there's so much you just don't see.


3) Making soul connections

This might be the top reason why I connect with others. When you find "your people", you'll connect in ways that are much different than those you would on a day-to-day basis with co-workers or strangers in a coffee shop.

Connecting with your partner or your besties is important and is often needed to ground yourself and to remind you that you're doing all the right things. 

You can make these connections with your partner and kids, best friends, and people who share a common interest, like a specific hobby. For me, this is my mixed media soul sisters group where we do art challenges together and share in our creations. It's perfect soul connection time!


Living a well-rounded life

It's clear that we need both alone time and time with others in order to thrive. If you spend too much time in one area, you'll start to feel the effects of that and start to crave the other end of the spectrum.

Make sure you find time for both, making sure that the time you spend alone and the time you spend with others is quality time. Because cleaning the house by yourself doesn't count as quality time alone. Well, at least it doesn't for me. Maybe that's what makes you happy! If it is, you can come clean my house anytime! 😉

If you're looking for a group of like-minded women to connect with, while designing a life that's focused on you, I invite you to check out my group coaching program, Journey of Rediscovery


What is it you love about spending time with others? Let me know in the comments or email me at [email protected].

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