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25 Fun Mother-Daughter Date Ideas

live your life parenting life Jun 21, 2022

In celebration of my daughter's high school graduation this week, I thought I would share with you some mother-daughter date ideas.

Over the years, Chelsey and I have gone on many mother-daughter dates. And, lucky for me, she still enjoys hanging out with her mom, even at 17 years old!

Now that she's moving into a new phase of her life, things will change. And that means our time together will as well, but it doesn't mean this time will disappear or be a lesser version of what it was. It may be different, but no doubt just as rewarding as before.


Here are 25 fun mother-daughter date ideas:

1) Go out to supper and take in a movie

2) Go shopping

3) Have a beach day

4) Go for a long walk and stop at a coffee shop or ice cream parlour for a treat

5) Have a spa date

6) Take a pottery or art class together

7) Check out some books at the library

8) Go to a music concert

9) Go to a play

10) Make vision boards together

11) Create a meal together

12) Have a craft night

13) Go to a craft fair

14) Go to the farmers market

15) Visit a museum

16) Go kayaking

17) Do an art challenge

18) Go bowling

19) Go to the skate park

20) Play mini golf

21) Go hangout at your favourite stores

22) Go fishing

23) Go horseback riding

24) Go to the drive-in movie theatre

25) Create altered journals together


No matter what your family situation is like, whether you’re a single mom with one child or happily married with 3 kids, I invite you to spend quality time with each of your children individually. 

Children need times where they have our undivided attention. And there are some small moments when we can do that, like reading at bedtime. But an entire day or evening together once in awhile is important too.

What fun date mother-daughter (or son!) date are you going to plan next? Email me at [email protected] and let me know! I’d love to see your ideas!

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