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What's your biggest obstacle when it comes to living the life you desire and taking care of yourself?

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What have you tried in the past when it comes to attaining your goals and looking after your personal needs and wants? Be specific and give as much information as you want!

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What is your ideal outcome if you were to join this program?

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I will feel more in control of my life.


I will have the tools I need to take better care of myself.


I will be confident that I can put myself first without guilt.

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This is not an information program; it's an IMPLEMENTATION program.

Are you prepared to do the required work, be open to following the process, and come prepared to all calls with your homework completed?






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This new program is expensive. I will work closely with you to help you get back control of your life and take better care of yourself. If this program makes sense to you, are you willing to make a substantial financial investment in yourself so you can live your best life?





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