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Hi there! I'm Marie-France!


Are you looking for more direction in your life? Are you looking for more clarity?

Then you’ve come to right place!

You are deserving of a life where your dreams become a reality! I know it’s not easy when you are being pulled in so many different directions, but it is possible!

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up each morning, knowing what you need to do that day to get to where you want to be?

It’s time to regain control and get back in the driver’s seat of your life!

It’s time to create and live your very best life!

What do you want to do?

My Story

I was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada and moved to Prince Edward Island, Canada in June of 1984, when I was 11 years old. It was just after my parents divorced and I didn’t know it then, but my mother’s courage and determination to take her 2 young kids and begin a new chapter of her life was a major pillar in making me into the person I am today.

She built a beautiful life for us here and I am blessed to have lived the majority of my life in a quiet place, surrounded by stunning beaches and quiet countryside. I experienced things here that I never would have otherwise.

Now, at 49, I am blessed to be living in a beautiful place on this Island with my soul mate, Fraser. Seven years ago, we brought our families together and became one. My daughter Chelsey (18), Fraser’s 2 daughters Austyn (13) and Gwen (10) and our boy, Gareth (7) make up our family of 6.

We share 5-acres of countryside with our dogs, Honey and Mila and our cat, Winnie. I’m also a budding hobby farmer, raising meat chickens, growing a vegetable garden and hopefully enjoying our very own eggs soon with some laying hens.

There is never a dull moment around here and for the most part, we love it. But with all this busyness, things can get overwhelming at times, but knowing exactly what I want in my life and having a plan to to get there makes all the difference in the world!

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What's helping me live my best life!

It’s important to have support systems in place. For me, I am blessed to have the love and support of a great partner, amazing friends who keep me grounded and kids who keep me active and feeling young. I also make sure I make time for self-care every day. Those are all things that have been paramount in keeping me sane!

One of my favourite tools in creating a life I truly love has been writing my very own Lifebook. It has allowed me to dig deep and discover what it is I truly want in my life and making a plan to get there.

It’s always a work in progress, but going through Lifebook has allowed me to rediscover and bring together all of my dreams, goals, beliefs + strategies from all 12 dimensions of my life and create a life vision that will help me take my life to the next level.

Are you ready to join me on this amazing life journey?

I want to know more!

“Knowing what you want is the first step in getting it.”

Louise Hart


Get back in the driver’s seat!

With Lifebook Premium, you’ll be taken on a journey you won’t soon forget! Doing a deep dive into 12 Life Categories, you’ll feel like you’re in control of your life again. You’ll be making some wonderful discoveries about who you want to be and how you want to live!.

You’ll design YOUR life YOUR way!

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My Mission

As a Certified Lifebook Leader + Certified Professional Organizer, I’m here to help you get organized so you can live your very best life.

It’s time for us as busy women to reclaim our lives and I have made it my personal mission to support and guide you on this important, and very necessary, journey of rediscovery!

Just imagine what your world would look like if you felt empowered enough to live the life of your dreams! The effects on you and the people you love would be incredible!

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